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The Secret of the Invisible Man


The Secret of the Invisible Man
  1. A Question of Scruples/Gods and Monsters
  2. Mute
  3. The Writing on the Wall feat. Maylay and Madmattics
  4. Voyeurism (segue)
  5. A Masquerade Lays and It's Breeding
  6. Sons of the Cataclysm feat. Hochii and Ariano
  7. Fertile Forensics
  8. Call Him V.I.T.A.L.
  9. Insomnia feat. Dilema
  10. Vampyre
  11. Rorshach Test for the Adventurous Ear (segue)
  12. The Paranoia Paradox
  13. In The Dark (Who Are You?) feat. Imprint and Chapter O.N.E.
  14. Secret of the Invisible Man
  15. Funhouse 
  16. Slouch Hat feat. Lauren Coleman, Madmattics and Maylay
  17. Denouement (segue)
  18. Soldier of Misfortune feat. Ariano
  19. Agoraphobic Claustrophobic
  20. Noel (outro)
  21. Devil's Ransom

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